What is Watch Us Live It?


Learn It, Love It, Live It, is an authentic campaign to “Tell Our Story” using current media trends. We will create and distribute a steady stream of short video stories to inform a receptive audience about what’s going on in the Hernando County School District.

Learn It, Love It, Live It is the centerpiece of a Strategic Communications Plan to help the district connect with all stakeholders. Market research proves that the public wants to know what’s going on in our classrooms, not just what’s going on in the boardroom. This campaign is designed to improve employee morale by giving them an outlet to showcase their talent and results. It will allow parents to see inside their children’s classrooms even though they are not present.

How does it work?

District employees and students under adult supervision will shoot and upload short videos (2 min. max), demonstrating authentic experiences and results from our schools. After a quick review to ensure appropriate content, the producer of the video will be notified by email that it is approved. At that time, we encourage employees to place the video on your school’s website and social media pages. You may even send an email to all parents with a link to watchusliveit.org. The district will place the video on watchusliveit.org and disseminate the video through a variety of social media, YouTube channels, websites, twitter, email and multimedia presentations in the community. 

Who produces it?

Our employees do. Teachers, students, administrators, and support personnel all contribute by promoting the campaign, finding real-life “stories”, shooting videos “Facebook quality” and uploading to this website for review. The District’s Office of Communication approves the videos, manages the campaign and can provide assistance if needed.